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Saving the lost; Strengthening the saved

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Dr. Robert O. White - Biography

Robert White was born May 7, 1970 to the late Dr. Robert O. White and Dr. Evelyn White in TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA. He graduated from Dadeville High School and attended Tuskegee University on an academic and athletic scholarship. He    transferred to Auburn University at Montgomery and graduated with a degree in criminal justice. He then entered Jones School of Law and graduated one of the youngest and one of three African Americans in his class. He has served as a distinguished member of the faculty of Alabama State University for 14 years. He has also served as in-house legal counsel for the Alabama Education Association; the Director of Elections for the State of Alabama and the legislative liaison for the Secretary of State.

Currently, he has been recently named head partner in the lobbying firm of Brown and Associates.  He is also on the board of directors for Quail Energy Company, the first solar power provider to register in the State of Alabama. He also serves on various boards and community organizations including the National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African American Culture, the Amistad Committee, the Montgomery Improvement Association, the Mount Meigs Youth Facility Chapel Board and JAMM Ministries at Staton Correctional Facility. He has published many booklets and papers on various issues and has contributed to the works of other authors such as Ravi Zacharuis, Norm Giesler and Bishop J.L. Smith.

Dr. White has produced and co-hosted two Christian talk shows. Currently, He is the happy Pastor of the Pilgrim Rest Baptist in Greenville, Alabama where he, his wife and his daughter have served for 7 years.

He has been married to the love of his life; Nichelle James White and they have been married for 17 years. They have one daughter Charity (11).


Philosophy of Ministry

Robert O. White II

I believe the primary purpose of the church is to produce disciples for Christ and strengthen them according to the promise of the Holy Spirit. All programs of the church should be led to accomplish this purpose with the complementary emphasis on evangelism, education and ministry outreach. The role of the pastor is to lead God's people in faith to produce mature spiritual beings. The pastor should practice in aiding the membership in the discovery of their spiritual gifts, equipping them to use those gifts and how to share their particular ministry with others in the Lord's service. I believe God calls upon the pastor as the under-shepherd, to lead by example  without lording over the church.

Pastoring is the highest office that God has ordained for his people. This is the most holy and sacred position that exists. It is through this position that the Triune God speaks in human form to people. Because that position is central, integral, and vital to the life, ministry and mission of the church; furthermore, the pastor must not only be a preacher, but he must possess the attributes of God's servant in every respect. If the pastor is faithful to his calling, and the people are faithful to the church mission, God will draw people to his presence by His word.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, emphasizing the Word, teaching the Word, studying the word and living the Word by the power of the Holy spirit. I diligently strive to motivate and inspire the church to be committed to God's will.

I believe in sharing and delegating responsibility. I practice long range planning. I find it necessary at times to be involved in community and civic affairs.

As pastor, I am a pillar of support for members during illness, death and any other crises. But I also reserve the time to be present during those moments of celebration such as weddings, births, graduations and releases!


Walking in The New Covenant

by Pastor Robert White

God has always spoken to His people in a up-front and personal type of way. God has never left His people guessing as to what they were to do and how they were to live their life. Unlike the art and literature of others, who tell of people searching great distances for knowledge, God has always been in the face of His people guiding them in the direction they should go. Jesus said that if people come to you saying that they should follow them, don't do it! For God is with us! God's people have always had the voice of God and did not have to look outside the fellowship. God makes a promise in His omnipresence to be with us as long as we continue to congregate together." Where you are, I am with you", Jesus says. He says for us to gather in groups of two and three and pray and fast and wait in expectation and He would meet us. He tells us to take a day and dedicate it to resting and enjoying each other's company and "I will be with you!" Worship was simple in Abraham's day because God's instructions to him were simple. But man has made them complicated in our day and people are as confused about salvation as they were in Jesus' day.

After the death of Solomon, God's people divided themselves into two regions; Israel and Judah. As a result of this, God sent Israel, which were the ten northern tribes into captivity into Assyria and they remain their unto this day. In fact, a lot of Israel's descendents are still locked away in the gentile nations of Europe and Asia. However, He sent the southern Kingdom of Judah and Benjamin, into Babylon and after 70 years allowed them to return. But when they returned, they had forgotten the ways of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and had become a very superstitious people. They had adopted the ways of the Greeks and Romans but God's plan was to bring them back Jerusalem. It started with the coming of Jesus Christ who preached deliverance through the coming of the Kingdom. Then at Pentecost, God assembled many of the lost tribe of Judah in Jerusalem for a feast but gave them power to do what Jesus did while on earth. The power of the Holy Ghost was freely given and it was free passed on to others. When they were all gathered for the ceremony, God's prophesy to Judah through the Prophet Joel was fulfilled and languages were given to the men of Judah to speak in the different languages of their dispersed countrymen. What was the message?  Peter said: "The Messiah has come to gather us back into the family...we are no longer cast out because we do not know the ways of man...the Messiah will now teach us.....ask His blessing and be accepted back into the family!"

God's purpose in saving Israel is at hand and Pilgrim Rest has a role to play. We, who are the children of the Messiah, and inheritors of the promise rest with expectation as He brings us back together. While some look for revival, God expects obedience from His people. God said He will put His instructions in our hearts.  We at Pilgrim Rest look, watch and wait for the coming of Messiah and we wait for the establishment of His kingdom on this earth. We believe He will return in the flesh and establish the throne of David, the priesthood of Aaron and the prophetic office of Elijah.  he will rule the earth with a rod of Iron and sit on the mercy seat in Jerusalem. Until then, this earth must go through tribulation similar to that of Egypt during the exodus. Yet we do not live in fear of judgment but in the hope of glory that God will make good on His promises and resurrect us from the dust! PRAISE HIS NAME

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